“Tobolos” is a moniker coined from the name “Tobi” which is a shortened form of the full name “Oluwatobi”

Tobolos is an aspiring Nation builder and policy formulator. He believes in justice, the innate good of all men, second chances and that Utopia exists.

Tobolos loves sport, Football being the cynosure of them all, and has supported Arsenal FC for about 15 years.

Tobolos believes capital punishment should be abolished, he believes in gender equality, he believes ordinary citizens shouldn’t own guns, he believes the burden of proof in corruption cases against government officials should be placed on the defendant, he believes abortion should be illegal except for instances where the pregnancy is as a result of rape or where it is necessary to save either the child or mother’s life

Tobolos is an aspiring Legal Practitioner, caught in a quagmire engulfed by the jealous powerful winds of the Corporate World and Litigation

Tobolos hopes to amass Jeff Bezos type of wealth, and yet greatly surpass Warren Buffet type of generosity. He also does not want to leave the world without making it a much better place than he found it

Tobolos is also a Public speaker and a Freelance Writer

Tobolos knows that one day he will depart from the earth, he knows that this can happen at anytime, he knows that he is a child of God, he knows that Jesus died for him, he hopes to meet Him in heaven, and despite the fact that Tobolos is not worthy or the fact that Tobolos would undoubtedly make a plethora of mistakes, he will constantly atone, get better, get deeper in the Word, and devote his life to Him who his life belongs


Tobolos’ superpower is that he rarely knows how to give in, he hardly accepts to give up, he is usually the only thing that he is afraid of